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Conrad Weiser Little Scouts

The 2018 Season is here! Check here for all the latest happenings and schedules will be forthcoming very soon! Check the Important Dates page for a list of upcoming dates.

Latest News

Mini Camp This Week!

The 2018 Conrad Weiser Little Scouts Mini Camp begins this week!! Non-padded practice will take place August 7th, 8th and 9th from 5:45-7:45 at our practice area behind the High School in Robesonia.  Bring plenty of water and we look forward to seeing you all there!!  Flag Football will only participate on Tuesday the 7th and Thursday the 9th.

Full Practice Begins August 13th!

Our 2018 Full Pad Practice begins on Monday August 13th, at 5:30! Flag Football practice will begin Tuesday, August 21st.

Parking at Practice

Just a reminder, there is absolutely NO PARKING inside the gated area and loading dock area behind the buses. This is a school district requirement. This area is reserved for high school and middle school athlete pickup only. The school is very strict about this policy. Below is an image of the area in question. You are NOT permitted to park or ENTER the area in Red. Plenty of parking is available in the areas outlined in Green. Every year, the school approaches us about violators. If you see someone parking there, who may not realize this, please remind them. Please also inform any other family members or friends who may be dropping off or picking up your son. The school graciously allows us to use these facilities free of charge. We would like to continue to use them in that manner. Thank you for your cooperation!

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